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  • Provides the ability to search for an author. We currently have a small listing of available authors. We expect this list to grow quickly.
  • Provides a list of upcoming items for an author. This list will include the title, ISBN numbers, format, estimated price and scheduled release date.
  • Provides a link to add a book to your Amazon.com or Paperbackswap.com wish lists. You must be logged into your Amazon.com or Paperbackswap.com accounts first.

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You can sign up for a free account which will give you the following additional benefits

  • Add authors not already listed.
  • Add an author to Your Authors list.
  • Will highlight any new books added to Your Authors based on your last visit.
  • Send out an email update when any new books are listed for Your Authors. This email will contain a list of all new books for any authors you are subscribed to and will only go out once a day.

Recently Added Authors

Recently Added Books

  • Paradox Bound: A Novel - Peter Clines - - Audible Audio Edition
  • Stay - Elle Kennedy - 9781543662108 - Audio CD
  • City of Lies - Victoria Thompson - - Audible Audio Edition
  • Waste of Space - Gina Damico - 9781543662054 - Audio CD
  • Tell Me No Lies - Adele Griffin - 9781616206765 - Hardcover
  • Accidental Sire - Molly Harper - 9781543662009 - Audio CD
  • Encouraging Words...: Articles & Essays that Prove Who You Are Matters - David Dennis - 9780917849626 - Paperback
  • The Royal Art of Poison: Fatal Cosmetics, Deadly Medicine, Filthy Palaces, and Murder Most Foul - Eleanor Herman - 9781250140869 - Hardcover

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