I would first like to start out by thanking you for visiting my class project and offering any feedback you may have has been a thought in my mind for some time. I love trading books and we all know here how much work it can be to get information about upcoming books for your wishlists. I decided that I could program a site that will help with this effort. Having a class assignment to produce an interactive site to "solve a problem" was the push I needed to get moving on the site.

Currently the site is programmed to do a few simple thinks.

This semester my project will be judged/graded on the functionality of my programming and the whether it solves my problem. Next semester I will be taking the site to a new level with a user interface facelift and increased functionality.

How Can You Help?

I would appreciate it if you can use the site and let me know of any bugs/errors you encounter. I would also love your feedback on any changes or suggestions you have. I have been told that during this early stage of development, it is a good idea to step back and let the users have their valuable say.

Please note I am not fond of the layout or color scheme, so you won't hurt my feelings if you criticize it. This site has only been a few weeks in the making, but I think it could be useful to reading like yourself.

I look forward to your feedback and hope you can find some value in the site for your trouble. I am also planning on giving the member with the most feedback one book from their wishlist (my choice from your paperbackswap list).

To get Started select Home from the left sidebar.

Thank you

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